8 weeks down

And so ends week 8 of performing here at WDW. My probation period is now over!

One of the other actors, who’s just above me in the senority hierarchy, used to have my days off (Monday and Tuesday) — he took different days when they re-bid, but he now wants his old days back. He offered to switch with me, and I totally accepted. So now I’m off on Saturday and Sunday. Barely here two months, and already I get weekend days off! Of course, that means my two nights off every week will be the busiest nights to do anything out of the house, but that’s all right.

Our cable internet was cutting out sporadically, which seemed to be a problem caused by using a splitter. So now we’re running some cable into the bedroom outlet to get a more robust signal straight from the wall. Seems to be working better.

A lot more places will be completely closed for easter down here than I’m used to. Grocery stores closed all day? Unheard of! Crazy south.