A Whole Lot of Stuffs

Yesterday had its ups and downs.

On the up side, the other newbie (David) and I joined the Actors’ Equity union. Our Equity rep insisted on taking us out to dinner, since she was having us come to work early to do all the paperwork, so we got to go to the Portobello Yacht Club and eat thirty-dollar meals. I had a grilled red snapper with roasted potatoes and fried baby artichokes. Delicious! So now I’m a card-carrying professional unionized actor.

On the down side, we found out that our stage manager, a really awesome guy named Bill, is being moved over to the luau show at the Polynesian resort … and his last day is today. Apparently his 4 years at our venue is a LOT for Disney — they like to move managers around. So we’ll be covered by the Adventurers Club manager for a while, until they pick a replacement. The old luau manager is going over to Finding Nemo: The Musical, which is also where one of our actors is for the next couple of weeks, training as a replacement Marlin. We’ve joked that the Nemo show eats up everyone in Entertainment, and I guess it’s actually true. Heck, Nemo is having auditions again in mid-May; perhaps I should prepare a comedic song with Dory in mind. Hmm.

And finally, on the personal side, I have to crack down and lose some of this relocation weight. I packed on quite a few pounds during the whole moving process. When I did the big weight loss, I made it down to 127 before settling in around 130, which had me wearing a size 8. I’ve crept back up to a size 12, and clocked in this morning at 154 pounds. For my height, 145 is the borderline between “normal” and “overweight”, but I’d like to get back below that to the 130s at least. So today starts a strict regimen of eating a healthy diet (which for me is low-carb) and getting more exercise.