Adventure Update

More worrisome things have been tackled, causing the excitement v. terror balance to swing even more toward excitement.

Our “ReloCube” is reserved, and we have the OK from the apartment building to put it in a parking spot next to the building over the last weekend of the month.

I checked with our car insurance (Allstate), and we’re well-covered on the new car. Also, even though we’ll need to switch to another agent when we move, our coverage is good to go for the long drive and the time it takes to set up residency.

Scott’s heart is lighter, because I found out that there are approximately 3500 open jobs right now at WDW (with current full-time openings in Attractions [ride operators], Monorail, Downtown Disney Ticketing and much more), and tons of apartments to be had. Heck, one lady I contacted wanted me to fill out and fax back an application without even seeing an apartment — they want new tenants that desperately. So we shouldn’t have a problem when we go a-hunting.

After their terrifying vet ordeal yesterday, where they each shed a ton of hair, the cats are incredibly soft and smell really good. Weird how that works.