Apartment Hunting

Now that we’ve decided to rent for at least another year before we buy a place, we’ve been out looking at apartments the last few days. Our current lease is up January 31st, so it’d be nice to get a new place in early January — what a luxury it would be to have a couple of weeks to move and clean in a leisurely and thorough fashion.

The most awesome thing we’ve found so far, that many apartments offer, is “valet trash” — you no longer have to haul your garbage bags out to a central dumpster. Every apartment has a little box near their front door, and someone comes by every Monday through Friday morning and picks up whatever bags of trash you’ve put in there. What luxury!

We could get another mediocre apartment for a bargain price, but we’ve spent almost a year in mediocrity. So we’re planning on paying a little more for a nicer place — newer appliances (I think the dishwasher, washer and dryer here are from when the place was built, 18 years ago), thicker carpet, and a better class of neighbor (although listening to the Shoutersons next door is so fun).

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