I’m getting pretty tired of hotel/motel rooms. I want my own bed, slathered with cats. I also want to cook my own food.

Almost all of the apartment paperwork is done, apparently … they were waiting on two more things when I talked to the lady earlier today. So hopefully we’ll be able to sign the lease tomorrow. I hope we do — we’d like to buy a few necessary items, like toilet paper and kitty litter, to put in the apartment so we have it when we get here for good. Weird to think that two weeks one week from tomorrow, we’ll live here. (Wow, it’s coming up sooner than I thought!)

The time zone change is still hard to wrap my brain around, and probably will be for quite some time. It’s so odd to think that it’s 5:30 here, but it’s only 2:30 back in Seattle.

The weather here today was around 80 degrees, cloudy with a few small bursts of rain. I don’t mind the humidity at this temperature (though I probably will when it gets into the 90s). We went to a Target that has a supermarket in it, which was awesome.