Good Morning, Ft Worth!

It’s 7am here, which means it’s 5am for those of you back home. Right now there’s just the tiniest bit of snow falling, and around an inch or so on the ground. Fortunately, the road underneath the snow was dry and bare, so there shouldn’t be too much ice to deal with.

We’re going to hole up here for a bit longer, and leave later than usual. Fortunately, this Holiday Inn Express has an “expanded” continental breakfast, and check-out is a delightfully late noon.

What fascinates me is that they get snowy weather like this here in Texas every three or four years. It’s kind of like Seattle in that regard, this current freakish El Nino year full of freak Seattle blizzards notwithstanding. But they seem to be handling it well — sand and salt trucks are out and about, and the drivers on the road appear to be taking it easy (as opposed to in Seattle, where every jackhole with an SUV drives just as stupidly as they would in dry weather).