I’m Like a Caveman

I just saved 77% by switching to Geico.

My Allstate motorcycle insurance policy was for $727 for the year. And for some reason, they had my scooter in their system as the model “XV1700A” (it’s actually an XC50V) and noted that it has an engine displacement of 1670cc (it’s actually a mere 49cc). I called my local agent, who told me that she had no way to change the model number … but the amount should be correct, because it’s properly listed as “motorcycle-scooter-moped”. Which sounds more like a general category than a specific type to me. Anyhoo, I also called Allstate’s 800 number, and they can’t fix the model number either.

I checked around with Progressive, who also couldn’t identify the Yamaha Vino as a specific model, but were willing to quote me $470 for the year. Better and better. Then I checked Geico, where they not only had the Vino XC50V as a valid model number, and they not only were incredibly friendly on the phone, but they also quoted me $171 for the year. So I’m switching over the scooter. If we like them, we may consider switching the cars over too — I’m just not a fan of our local Allstate agent; she’s nowhere near as cool as our Seattle agents were.