More About Work, Blah Blah Blah

And with a heaving sigh of relief, the fortnight of reherasals is over.

Both of us newbies did three shows on Thursday and a full four shows last night. They all went pretty well, and I’m starting to get over the irrational fear that I’m sucking like mad and they’ll fire me immediately. My biggest point of anxiety is something that can’t really be rehearsed — it’s opening the show and/or introducing scenes, because I’m just not really used to talking directly to audience members. I’m told that I hide the anxiety completely, but our stage manager observed that I’m probably overcompensating for the nerves, because I’m coming across a little TOO conversational and easygoing. So, something to work on.

Scott is away this morning for his first day at Disney-MGM Studios; it’s a half-day of park-specific and job-specific orientation before he starts training next week. He’ll get to learn the inner workings of a certain Terror-filled Tower. Which is awesome!