So, Seattle.

What a great little trip. To start with, Continental Airlines still feeds you meals on their flights. I’d become used to Alaska’s technique of making you pay 5 dollars for a little box of various snacks. Thanks, Continental!

The shows were all great — I felt a little rusty doing the Flick, but each night got better (everyone was spectacular in Saturday’s show, IMO). As for the Jet City shows — I wasn’t prepared for the slower pace on Friday. I was freaking out a lot of the time, thinking to myself, “You’re taking FOREVER to do this introduction! Hurry up!” I relaxed for the Saturday show, and it went much better. I just had to realize that with a 90-minute show, you can afford to be a bit more leisurely.

Seeing everyone was great — I spent much of Friday with Kate, and even had a little nap on her couch, accompanied by one of her cats. Saturday I packed, then had dinner out with Mike. It was great to see and/or play with everyone.

I shopped at Trader Joe’s, and Archie McPhee, and Safeway … and took home a 35-pound Rubbermaid tote full of groceries we can’t get down here. I also hit IKEA and grabbed some catalogs; they’re already a hit in the green room here (the Orlando IKEA opens on November 14th).

The weather was ideal — cold and crisp and autumnal. It was a perfect little slice of Seattle in the fall, with the leaves changing colors and dropping from the trees, and the days sunny but cold. Yeah, it’s nice to come back to the warm weather of Florida, but it was delightful to get a taste of the autumn I’ve always known.