Sunday & Schedule

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Last year at this time, we were in Florida on vacation. We stayed in our hotel room that evening and watched the Seahawks play. Little did we know where we would be a year later!

I got an email from my new Stage Manager with a few details about week after next, when we start rehearsals. I’ll be starting most days around 2:30pm, and rehearsing and/or watching shows until 10pm. On one of my rehearsal days I get to go out “costume shopping” with a costume designer (as this show involves wearing basically “business casual”). Friday of the first week I’ll do one show, then the following week I will (based on my comfort level) ramp up one show per night until I do four shows the second Friday. My weekends are preliminarily scheduled to be Monday and Tuesday.

According to online tracking, our possessions are currently sitting in Atlanta, Georgia … ready for dispatch to the Orlando distribution center. We expected the cube Tuesday or Wednesday, but we may well get it tomorrow. Crazy!