I just filed taxes electronically for the first time. I had all my numbers already crunched, and it turns out that we just made the cutoff to use TurboTax’s “Freedom Edition” for free. So supposedly, a refund could be direct deposited in as little as 9 days. It’s also nice to know that TurboTax came up with the exact same numbers I did.

Less than a week now until my birthday, which marks the exactly 60-day point from when I started my new job (it feels like both much longer and much shorter than two months). And after tomorrow night, my 8-week probationary period is over, so I can feel more comfortable that I won’t get canned unexpectedly. Not that I would, everyone seems happy with my performance so far. But you know me, I’m a fretter. Only a month or so left until I hit 90 days, when I can get insurance benefits and an ID card with my picture on it. Whee!

The other day I got to catch-and-release the THIRD gecko that got into the apartment. I wish I could figure out how they’re getting in — I don’t mind the geckos at all, but I worry that when the warmer weather comes, bugs will use the same access points. Oh well, at least the cats have a chance against the bugs … the geckos just hang out on the walls, out of the reach of little chittering kitty teeth.