The Adventure Continues!

Whew! What a couple of days this has been.

One cable guy came out today and set us up with internet. He didn’t, however, bring the two cable cards that we need for the TiVo, so we had to request a second truck. But in between those, our power got cut off. So we had to go out to the utility company and have the power restored. But our lease didn’t quite have the right address on it, so we had to get a fax from the office correcting it. Bottom line, we have internet and basic cable and power right now, and that’s good enough for me.

Oy vey. This whole adventure, our mantra has been “one extra step”. Seems like everything goes relatively smoothly, EXCEPT that there’s always one unexpected extra step involved.

On the good side, we have some new things. We got a new LCD HD television at Costco, and we bought a new King-size bed (it will be delivered tomorrow) with a pillow top. Comfy! We planned on a Queen, but found a great price on a King. Tonight we spend one more night on our air mattress, which holds air much better now that we discovered a second valve on the underside that had to be shut (one extra step).

In kitty news, they survived the flight beautifully. We rarely heard any meowing, and only because we’re attuned to the specific noises the cats make; I doubt anyone around us realized there were cats on board. They certainly were overshadowed by the toddlers a few rows back who enjoyed screeching sporadically through the entire trip. Anyhoo, the cats have explored some of the new apartment, but are right now huddled under our bedding.