Travel Update – Day 3

Day 3
Blythe, CA to El Paso, TX
580 miles / approx. 10 hours

Four states in one day, wow! We started out in Blythe, 5 miles from the Arizona border. Then we hauled through Arizona and New Mexico, and now we’re just over the Texas border in El Paso.

We stopped in Phoenix, AZ to have lunch with my parents, which was a nice little break in the middle of the day. I had my first In-N-Out burger. All in all, it was a decent little drive through the desert, which was nicer looking than I thought it would be.

So far, every person we’ve talked to in Texas has been super friendly. Granted, we’ve only talked to like four people, but that’s four out of four.

Tomorrow’s goal: either Dallas, TX (623 miles/10 hours) or Houston, TX (745 miles/11 hours) depending on the weather — oddly, it looks like it may be colder and more icy on the southern route (I-10) and slightly easier on the northern route (I-20). We’ll make our decision in the morning, when we can get updated weather.