Travel Update – Day 4

Day 4
El Paso, TX to Ft Worth, TX
605 miles / approx. 10 hours

As opposed to yesterday’s four-state extravaganza, today we crossed a big chunk of Texas. Dang, there is a LOT of Texas out here. And once again, every person we came across was friendly. Weird!

The weather looked iffy — we didn’t know if we were going to see snow, or ice, or rain, or what. We decided to go upward to Dallas via I-20 instead of downward to San Antonio/Houston on I-10, and it was a wise move — apparently they closed a chunk of I-10 today. As for our drive, we didn’t see a single drop of snow or rain from the sky, and the road only had a very little bit of ice here and there. But we saw almost a dozen wrecked big rig trucks overturned in the median (I took a couple of pictures, of course).

The big cities here are very nice. The small towns are depressing when viewed from the interstate, full of broken-down machinery and deserted old businesses. We passed through Midland, the location of GWB’s ranch. My intial reaction: “It’s a shithole!”

Tomorrow’s goal: Mobile, AL (650 miles / 11 hours)