Update from the Field

It’s Sunday, which is my personal Friday. Woo! Lots of good shows this week, and I’m getting more comfortable every day.

I had my 30-day check-in earlier this week. It was a combination of brief evaluation (my manager said I’m “doing great”) and Q&A (“is the job what you thought it would be?” etc), and it went very well. I’ll also have a 60-day and 90-day visit. I’m halfway through my 8-week probationary period, which is cool — by my birthday, I’ll be permanently into my contract.

I was encouraged during that check-in to, when I feel ready, feel free to audition for other shows. There are a ton of performance options out here, and the more things you know how to do, the better your chance to grab overtime. Apparently Finding Nemo: The Musical eats up and spits out performers (it’s an 18-person show, and the puppetry leads to quite a few injuries), and my manager actually said that he thinks I’d be a great sassy maid over at the Adventurers Club. So we’ll see when I feel comfortable enough here to look into branching out.

They just broke ground on the Orlando area IKEA. I believe they’re still shooting for an October opening. You have no idea how glad this makes me. Now if only Trader Joe’s would move into the area, I’d be happy like a piggy in slop.

I have to get to work on our taxes — my last W-2 just arrived last week, after I called to get a replacement copy from the Silver Dollar Casino. I never actually quit there; somehow my name fell off the on-call sheet, so I hadn’t been working there for a couple of months anyway. I think I have everything else I need; I just have to dig the receipts out of one of the still-unpacked boxes. I look forward to the 2007 taxes — they should be a lot easier, what with much less self-employment income and expenses.