Two more days of this crazy rehearsal schedule, then I can finally get some rest. The last two nights we newbies have done two shows each. Tonight we do three, then Friday we’re up to our maximum of four. But when combined with the daytime rehearsal, it means we’ve been putting in 11 or 12 hour workdays this week. It’s great for overtime pay, but not great for feeling fresh and well-rested. I get Saturday off, then I start my regular schedule on Sunday (which means I then get Monday and Tuesday off as my “weekend”).

The shows I’ve been doing are going well; I’m still nervous about some of the differences in the games, and I’m just not used to introducing scenes or getting suggestions. At JCI, we had an MC who dealt with all of that; here, everyone rotates through introducing things. I did my first top-of-show introduction yesterday, and I’m told I appeared calm and friendly (which means I did a great acting job, I guess). It’s something I’ll have to get used to, but it’s an aspect of improvising I’ve never enjoyed.

Scott left in the 7am hour to head out to Disney University to attend the “Traditions” orientation — he already texted me with a picture of his new name tag. He was being considered for a job at Epcot, but they were dragging their feet, so instead he’s been hired over at Disney/MGM Studios. The best part is what ride he’ll be working at: the Tower of Terror! When we’d discuss our age-40 plan of moving down to Disneyland, the ToT was the ride we both talked about working. So cool! I’m not sure what his schedule will be, so hopefully we can get both of our days off to mesh somewhat.