Work Day 2: Costumes!

We had a 12-hour day today. First we met Larry the costume designer out at the mall at 10am; then we spent the next 3-1/2 hours buying costumes for me and David. Larry was friendly and cool, like every other person I’ve dealt with here. I’m still waiting to meet the jerks, although maybe they’ve been weeded out already.

Anyhoo, I ended up with 4 pair of pants, 5 shirts, some camis, and a pair of shoes. We didn’t spend all of our budget, so we’ll probably go out again in a couple of months for short-sleeved stuff. All of my pants are going to be tailored for length, as well as one pair being taken in a little at the waist. Larry had us get bright colored shirts so we’ll pop against the muted background of the stage. Nifty.

Then after lunch we headed back to the theater. We tackled another couple of choreographed songs and did some recap on the songs we’d learned yesterday. Rhyming is easy — remembering when to start clapping and when to move where is the hard part. But we’ll get it. We’re both expected to do one show this coming Friday, so at least we can pick which song structures we’re most comfortable with for each of our shows.

The stage manager, Bill, got us both set up with usernames and passwords on the Disney intranet (supposedly we get our email addresses tomorrow). As with yesterday, we watched two shows, then headed out a little after 10pm. But on the plus side, that means 4 hours of overtime. Whoo-ha!