Work Day 4: Whew!

This week has been both really short and really long. Strange how that works. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, and yet it feels like I’ve been in rehearsals for a fortnight. Today we went over the last couple of musical styles (including Doo Ron Ron, which is done here with musical accompaniment) and did some actual scenework. Most of the scene-games that are played are similar if not the same as games I already know; the names are just different.

Tomorrow is the big day — David and I will each perform in one show. We still have to flip a coin or rock-paper-scissors to see who gets first show and who gets second show; I kind of want to go first to get it done in a ripping-off-the-bandage kind of way, but I think David feels the same way. We’re also both going to put in a little overtime and stay for all 5 shows, so we can sit in on notes (happens after show 3 at around 11pm) and get a feel for the later, drunker audiences.

My costumes came back from the tailor, and all of the pants are now too short. So they’re going back to be lengthened by another inch. Why don’t they make women’s pants in a variety of lengths, like men’s? Why can’t we have lengths by inches? Curse you, fashion industry! Why you gots to be that way?

Tomorrow morning I plan on going out to the DMV to get Florida plates for my car — the title arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. I’ll also take the scooter title to get local plates for that little guy.

Scott hasn’t heard back about a position yet — he has a call in to his casting guy, so hopefully we’ll hear something tomorrow. He’s already been fingerprinted and had his background checked, so he’s ready to be hired; they just need to find the right job to put him in.