I’ve had to keep this under my hat for a while, but now it’s “out there”.

Scott has been emailing back and forth with Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) for a couple of months, with Adams offering various pieces of comic strip advice. A couple of weeks ago, Adams made a proposal: to run a sort of reality show in his own blog, where he offers the advice publicly and shows some of the discussions. Here’s the first installment.


Yes, the site is pretty much crashed again, just like what happened when he made the front page of Digg briefly. Our tech support guy at our hosting site initially tried to say it was the size of the comics (roughly 100k) that was slowing things down, stating that an 89k image was “almost a meg!” Fortunately, he decided that something else was the problem, so the issue has been “escalated” to higher-up support. Doesn’t help right now, but it’s … something.

Best comment so far (for me) on the Dilbert blog: Maybe that bald dude shouldn’t have married an angry lesbian…