I got to thinking yesterday about a line of clothing I loved, loved, LOVED in the 80s.

The brand was Multiples — it was a line of various pieces in solids and patterns (in a cotton blend that didn’t require ironing), all boxy and elasticized and one-size-fits-all. Then you’d buy a “tube”, which could be used as a belt, or a bandeau, or a cowl neck, or a hood.

I got my Multiples at the Bon Marché. I remember they had a huge display, with all of the items packaged in plastic, hanging on hooks. No hangers for these garments! I had the pegged pants, leggings, shorts, tunics, skirts both short and long, and a variety of tubes. I loved those clothes — they were so comfortable, although looking back, they probably were a total fashion don’t.

Did any of the rest of you wear these things?

Here’s a NY Times article from 1988 about Multiples, Units, and modular clothing. What a trip down memory lane.