O Frabjous Day!

As some of you may recall from a couple of months ago, our cable company, Bright House, got some new HD channels but wouldn’t let us TiVo users access them. There’s no technical reason we can’t get the channels — they just shut off access to those of us who use CableCARDs, in anticipation of going to Switched Digital Video in a few months.

We were given a free Bright House HD DVR, but it’s a piece of shite — it doesn’t get the programming guide like it’s supposed to, so we can’t really record anything on it. And there’s a USB gadget in the works that will allow us to access the SDV channels, but it won’t be out until later in the 2nd quarter.

Well, Bright House is putting on the big girl panties and admitting that they screwed us poor CableCARD users over. They’ve released all of the currently available HD channels to us! And while they will have to go back to limiting them once they switch to SDV, they’ve said they’ll actually give us 30 days’ notice before shutting them off (instead of just flipping the switch, like they did before). And hopefully by that time we’ll have our dongle.

I’m TV happy today!