Que Sera Sera

We had an island-wide meeting this afternoon, and the news has broken at the Orlando Sentinel — as of September 27, 2008, all of the nightclubs on Pleasure Island will be closing.

This means that my job ends in three months.

On the pro list, it’s nice to have three months to find another job. There are plenty of opportunities here at WDW, and they’ve told us all that the company will work as hard as they can to get us into new Equity roles. On the flip side, it sucks that these entertainment venues with 19+ years of history will be closed down for good.

I’m still kind of numb. I’m glad I got to do my dream job, short-form improv for a living wage, for at least a little while. And hope is high that I’ll get another great show here at Disney. But I (and my coworkers) are all a bit crushed right now.