Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Today is our last Sunday off together! Next week I start my new schedule, which will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Such is the luck of the draw when you’re low man on the totem pole.

Since this will be our last full day off together for a couple of months (I think Scott re-draws for days off in April) we’re hitting the parks for a day of fun. At the very least we’ll be going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (future home of the new American Idol attraction!) and the Magic Kingdom.

In other news, the bad press that Bright House cable has been getting because it’s shutting us CableCARD users off from several HD channels is piling up. They’ve agreed to let us use an HD DVR for free until the USB dongle that’s in development is released. Maybe they think we’ll leave TiVo for their DVR, but there’s not much chance of that happening — their DVR already crashed once yesterday, and it has a fairly ugly interface. And the remote is effing huge.

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