The Old Apartment

We still haven’t received our deposit back from the old apartment. I looked up Florida law, and our landlord had 15 days to give us a check, or 30 days to send us a letter saying that she’d be keeping some/all of our deposit. Beyond 30 days with no contact, we’re entitled to the entire deposit back, whether or not she’d like to keep any of it for repairs.

I waited until day 31 (today) and sent her an email, just a friendly “what’s up, haven’t heard from you, let me know” kind of thing. She wrote back pretty fast — “I’ve been out of town for two weeks, I’ll mail out a check today.”

Now to wait and see the amount on the check. Hopefully it’ll be our full deposit back, so I don’t have to throw down with my sparse knowledge of law. And if it’s the full amount, we’ll celebrate with a delicious glass of tranya.