I haven’t been watching the presidential debates — I know who I’m voting for already, and watching the other guy talk would just make me angry. But I have to ask — what the hell is up with McCain’s tongue? All I’m seeing online these days are screencaps where it looks like he’s hacking up hairballs.

Today is the last day of the first week of rehearsals. We’ve gone through blocking, and working on character development. Now the big challenge is to get all the memorizing done, so we can be off-book next week.

It’s already awesome working in one of the theme parks. I get to see guests during daytime hours, out having fun on their vacations, and they’re not drunk. What a change! We’re eating in various Epcot locations for dinner, and I’m becoming a master of the kids’ meal.

It turns out that I’m not at rock-bottom on the seniority ladder at this new job; the guys they’re keeping from the old cast are newer to the company than I, so I’m a mere third from the bottom now. The good news is, since both Scott and I opted for non-popular days off (Wednesday and Thursday), as of the 26th, we’re both able to be off work on the same days. Yay!