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So a while back, I started reading all of my various RSS feeds through Google Reader, instead of using the infinitely lesser features of LiveJournal. And so far, I’m loving GR. The only problem is that they keep recommending new feeds, and I keep adding the ones that look good.

I blew Scott’s mind a few weeks ago, when I told him that I was following around 80 feeds. That was a large number, in his mind. Well, I just added in a few new recommendations and counted up again, and right now I’m at exactly 120 feeds.

So what on earth do I read? Here’s a breakdown by category, with a few examples from each group:

12 Webcomics (Basic Instructions, Wondermark, Penny Arcade)
9 Celebrities (Wil Wheaton, Ken Jennings, Jonathan Coulton)
14 Doctors/Nutritionists/Dietitians (Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. William Davis, Hyperlipid)
15 Food/Recipe (Cake Wrecks, Hold the Toast, Paleo Diet)
21 STFU/Fail/LOL/Photo (Cute Overload, People of Walmart, Photoshop Disasters)
11 Grammar/Punctuation (Red Pen, Apostrophe Catastrophies, Literally)
14 Writing/Publishing/Literary (Knight Agency, Editor’s Desk, Rachelle Gardner)
15 Personal (Not Martha, Bubblegum Culture, The Angry Office Manager)
7 Disney (Disney Parks Blog, The Disney Blog, Progress City USA)
2 Other (Ikea Hacker, Grooveshark)

I’m kind of amazed that “other” only has two things. Everything else fits in a category. One important thing to note: it has to be a VERY good blog for me to add it to GR if the feed doesn’t contain the whole post. I’m looking at you, Penny Arcade. It looks like feeds can go out three different ways: the entire post, the first three lines or so, and one sentence stating that a new post is up. I believe of those 120 feeds I read, 116 of them give me the entire post.

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  1. The entire post in the feed? I have two words for you – “Basic Instructions” 🙂

    My feed provides the first few lines but I like to think that you get good quality when you click on the link.

    The Unexpected Traveller


    missy Reply:

    Whaaaa? I’d love to know what address you’re hitting to get a partial feed from BI! The feeds I use, which give the full post, are:



  2. Hmm .. that’s odd. I got today’s feed with the full post and thought that you/Scott might have fixed it so I headed here to thank you. I checked the previous ones and they all work too … must be some kind of bug with GR … or more likely a slow Internet connection when I was last reading things.

    I take it all back!

    The Unexpected Traveller


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