Friday Round-Up

It’s Friday, which is technically my Monday. We had a busy weekend. We looked at apartments, since our current lease is up in a couple of months, and they want us to either give 60 days’ notice or sign up for another year. The only place we liked was a brand new complex called The District. Spacious 1-bedrooms, with the very-rare option of wood or stained-concrete floors (as a cat owner, I hate-hate-hate carpet). Sadly, the prices were only tolerable because of a special deal — 3 months free on a 14-month lease. After that lease, the price would jump up almost $300 per month. No thanks.

We also put up our fake holiday tree. Pictures to come in a future post. So far, the cats have been slightly interested, but not overly so. We worried they’d want to climb up inside it, or chew it up, which is why we got the super-cheap starter tree. So far, so good. A couple of other items are coming up this week: some experimental food, as well as a new project I’m getting ready to start.

From the camera phone this week, I have the following items:

All hail the Jebus.

All hail the Jebus.

I was driving behind this bus for a while on my way into work. What with the script they used, at first look I thought it said “JE BUS” on the back. Which made the Homer Simpson within me laugh.

Web sites and closers and tarot, oh my!

Web sites and closers and tarot, oh my!

Here in Orlando, you can count on seeing these throwaway signs on the side of every road. I always pass this popular spot on my way in to work, and I had to wonder: what kind of Web site are they offering for $299? Since you can get a domain for five bucks, and hosting for another two bucks per month, I have to hope there’s all sorts of databases and shopping carts and fancy crap involved. I’ve also sent this picture over to Lowercase L for the “ClOSERS ONlY” sign.

Mission STS-129, Shuttle Atlantis

Mission STS-129, Shuttle Atlantis

Last but not least, we had a shuttle launch last week. It’s still surreal to see these things in real life, instead of on TV. I was on a break when it launched, so I was able to head up from the tunnel and watch. It’s also cool to have everyone in the park stop and watch and applaud.

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  1. I’m curious if you hate-hate-hate carpet (particularly in a leased apartment) on the off-chance that the previous tenants had cats who’d peed in corners and then no one ever got rid of the smell that lingers only strongly enough for the current cats, thereby creating a brand-new bad habit in a brand-new home? (sorry for the long run-on)… This is what my husband and I are dealing with in our new apartment – there is NO REASON for our cats to use the hallway rather than the litter box, and they consistently use the box for both #s 1 & 2, and then out of nowhere they’ll use the hallway again.

    If that’s not your reason for hating carpet, then what is? And if it IS, what advice can you offer me to get rid of that lingering smell? We figure it’s down in the pad, not the carpet.

    Also, where do you work at Disney? I knew Scott does. I love the World. Happiest place on earth.


    missy Reply:

    My reasons for carpet hate are many, although none of those reasons has to do with pee. Regarding the cats, I hate how their litter gets stuck in the carpet and is almost impossible to completely clean up. Also, one of ours is a hairball-intensive cat who barfs a lot; the other is a gluttonous eater who also barfs a lot. All of those things would be much easier to clean up on a solid, non-carpeted surface.

    In non-cat matters, I just like the feel of a smooth, hard, cool floor much more than carpet. Most home-grade carpeting (especially the stuff in apartments) feels coarse to me. I like to go barefoot as much as possible, and I’d prefer to do it on a flat surface.

    My only recommendation for the pee problem is to use one of those cat-mess-specific cleaners. Our cats have had a rare accident or two, and the stuff we use (Complete for Cats) seems to have killed any residual odors. It also works pretty well on barf stains.

    At WDW, I do a game show at Epcot’s Innoventions. We actually moved here from Seattle three years ago when I was offered a job at the Comedy Warehouse. It was a dream job while it lasted.


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