Oh snaps, this TV's getting real

It was a huge couple of days for new TV. I could barely watch it all.

The Biggest Loser brought in the heaviest crew so far. We only started watching this show last year, so I only have one season’s experience to draw on. There were a lot of heartwarming stories, and horrifying stories, and tear-jerking stories. My favorite to win right now is Rebecca of the pink team. Don’t know why she stood out to me, but she did. Although the premiere episode pissed me off in the end, because the wrong person went home. I hate that the person who wants it more is conversely the one who “can do it on their own”.

America’s Next Top Model is cooking right along with the shorties. Although they’re hitting some high notes pretty early this season. Makeovers in the first episode? Nudity in the second? Not to mention a surprise elimination early in the second episode as well. I hope they keep upping the stakes, or else they may fizzle fast. As a side note, I’m fascinated at how they have these short girls all wear flats to the judging room. Is this to remind us all that they’re short? Of course, the short-haired spunky girl is already out, so my favorites right now are country girl Laura and quiet, shy redhead Nicole.

Glee is on the verge of losing me. I don’t have any glee club memories of my own, since my school didn’t have a glee club (that I knew of). And there aren’t any characters that I really like in the show. But there are quite a few I don’t like. It’s hard to watch a root-for-the-underdog show when there are no underdogs I want to root for.

Top Chef: Las Vegas is nearing the mid-point, and our early favorites are still in it. Those favorites are “Beardo” (Kevin, the kid with the huge ginger beard) and “The Laser” (Jennifer, the super-intense blonde). I think the top 3 will also include one of the brothers — I’ll go with Bryan, since he’s the elder (and seems to have won more challenges). Go Beardo, go!

Survivor: Samoa looks delicious. 20 contestants this time around, including this dumbass named Rusell who’s lying from the get-go with sob stories about living in New Orleans when Katrina came calling, as well as being a firefighter. He’s actually billed as an “oil company owner”. He immediately thinks he’s manipulating everyone and controlling the game, but if he’s going to succeed, he really needs to stop with the evil smirking grin every time he lies. Like that’s not obvious or anything. I have no favorite yet — heck, I don’t know half of the castaways’ names yet.

The Office opened their season pretty well. Sadly, starting next week we’ll have to watch this show via Hulu — once Grey’s Anatomy starts back up, two higher-ranked (in our house) will be recording in the 9pm hour. Curse the networks for forcing us to choose!

Fringe is the other 9pm show, and it came back with a bang and a wallop. I had two surprise-twist guesses during the season premiere. One (this Olivia isn’t our Olivia) wasn’t right, but the other (Charlie got three-pronged) was. And how can you go wrong with not one, but two X-Files references in an episode? By the end of last season, the show was really finding itself, and this season looks to be some very good, freaky, fringetacular stuff.

Project Runway is moving right along. The challenge made me laugh, since they had to make outfits out of newspapers. Ironic that between when the episode was filmed a year ago and when it aired, newspapers took a HUGE nose-dive toward extinction. They were already headed that way, but the economy sure helped give them a nudge. Overall it’s a decent season of Runway, but nobody’s wowing me yet. On the flip side, nobody’s filling me with rage yet; they’re getting rid of the crapburgers fast this time around.

Next week, the stars dance! Grey learns more anatomy! And The Amazing Race has a team of Harlem Globetrotters — my source tells me that they were the rudest VIP guests they’d ever seen at WDW. Even ruder than Chris Rock. So there’s someone to root against already.

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