Wang Cake Rides Again

There’s just no escape from the famous Wang Cake. Besides Scott’s original post, “In Honor of Ace of Cakes”, the story got a mention and a link in Ken Jennings’ blog, and was reprinted in full on the hilarious Cake Wrecks site. There have been a ton of reposts thanks to Cake Wrecks; in fact, a Google search of “cake wrecks fireman” has over 2 million results. And it auto-completed when I typed it into Google.

This week, I saw a new Wang Cake homage. As part of the current Cake Wrecks book tour, fans have been making cupcake versions of classic wrecks, and at the San Francisco stop, there was a cupcake version of the Wang Cake.

The Cake Wrecks family is local to our area. We should really take them out for a drink, as a thanks for all the publicity.

The famous Good Luck in China - Wang Cake