All Hail the New Bed

We’ve had the new bed for a week now, and I’m making a note here: huge success.

Here’s what we ended up getting: from IKEA, the ANEBODA bed frame and the SULTAN HUGLO mattress, which was the firmest spring mattress they had (and the name “HUGLO” immediately became joke fodder). I also got a GOSA SYREN pillow (for side sleepers). On top of that, we got a memory foam topper from Sam’s Club. We also got a jersey sheet set from Target.

The sheets are incredibly comfy, like sleeping in a giant t-shirt. And the mattress/pad combination is great — a nice solid base, with a firm but yielding layer of squish on top. I can lie on my side, with my bad hip pressing into the bed, and it doesn’t hurt. Yay!

I also took one of our little LACK side tables (they don’t appear to carry the nesting ones anymore, so no linkie for you) and put it at the foot of the bed for our old fat cat to use as a step up. He’s never been the best jumper, so this makes it easier to get on the bed for him. As you can see, he made it up there just fine. (You can also see my frog humidifier up in the left corner.)

A majestic beast on the new bed.