Brrrrr. Yummm.

How cold is it in Florida right now? Pretty darned cold, Marge. Here’s the fountain out in front of our apartment complex:

Ice fountain!

This past week we’ve set new record low temperatures, and it’s also been a record length of cold weather. Keep your fingers crossed that citrus crops make it through! We should be back up to 60° by Wednesday, and 70° on Friday. Thank goodness. It makes you think about the whole global warming thing.

In other news, my parents are in town, and they took us to our favorite eatery on earth, Texas de Brazil. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse, where they have a huge decadent salad bar, then dudes walk around with swords of grilled meat and serve you as much as you want.

This place (and others like it, I’m sure) is a low-carber’s dream. The salad bar is not what you’d picture when you think of a “salad bar” — it has items like shrimp salad, smoked salmon, huge chunks of bacon, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, grilled wedges of cheese, and a bunch of other deliciousness. Here’s most of the aforementioned items on my salad bar plate, along with a bowl of lobster bisque:

Texas de Brazil deliciousness!

Pardon the graininess of the picture; the lighting in that place is for ambiance, not for taking snappies with your cameraphone. I also love the tiny bottles of Diet Coke. And the meat, oh, the meat! Garlic sirloin! Parmesean-crusted pork! Filet mignon wrapped in bacon! Spicy sausages, ribs, lamb chops, chicken — whatever meat floats your meat boat, this place has it. I think I’m still full three days later.