December Is X-Ray Month

I’ve been a massive blog slacker, I see. Over a fortnight since a post! I’ve had posts rolling around in my head, including another couple of top sevens, but life. She gets in the way.

This last couple of weeks in particular have been harrowing as far as pet health goes. About three weeks ago, our big fat tabby started having a little goo around one eye. He has, in the past, had a knack for getting hairs stuck in his eyes and getting winky for a couple of days, so we figured it wasn’t a big deal. But over the course of a week, his eye got wetter and wetter. And then one day, it was all swollen around the eye. So it was off to the vet with us!

We took both cats, since they were due for a checkup anyway. As you can see, our little tortoiseshell clearly didn’t remember the trauma that comes with riding in the kitty duffel bags.

The vet took a look at Commie’s eye, listened to his snuffling, and figured that it was just a kitty cold, with swelling in the sinuses that was creating the swelling around the eye. Especially since the goo/tears were clear, and there was no redness around the eye. We were given a bottle of antihistamine pills, a squeeze bottle of saline solution to go up his nose, and some antibiotic ointment to go in the eye.

I now know for a fact that this cat doesn’t do pills well.

The eye goo was slightly easier, though not especially easy. Ditto the saline. But over the course of last week, the eye just got worse. And the third eyelid started sticking out, and it got red. And the swelling was so strong that it looked like his eye was sealing up. So Scott took him back to the vet (I was working that day, so I just got text updates throughout). They x-rayed Commie’s head:

The good: there are no bone-related growths in there. The bones look fine. The bad: this is mystery swelling. It could be an infection from a trapped hair, or even from an infected tooth. Or it could be a soft-tissue growth, which would mean a tumor. A very fast-growing tumor, which is never good. So this week, the medications have changed. Now we’re doing steroids every other day, and antibiotics twice a day. Both are liquids, so they can be squirted in his mouth with an eyedropper with very little struggle. Thank goodness.

We go back next Wednesday to see if these meds have made progress. I’m not seeing much change so far, to be honest. But the swollen areas around the eye don’t seem to hurt him, and he’s eating and purring — except for the grossness that is his eye, and some snuffling from the snot and/or tears in his nose, he’s fairly normal. Although probably irritated at being monocular-vision cat.

I told you, it’s gross.

Also, it’s very hard to get a picture of this cat. Especially when Trouble the tortie needs to get into the shot too. You think they’re looking at you, hit the shutter button, and they look away. I have a couple of dozen other shots that are blur city.

Anyhoo, we’re hoping for the best, but steeling ourselves for the worst. We’ve had these cats 12 years, and while parents would tell you that there’s no comparison between pets and kids, we don’t have the frame of reference to know what it’s like to have a child. These cats ARE our kids.

SO, what else! We visited the dentist, where they do digital x-rays. Here are my teeth:

I get to go back in Jaunary for a filling. There isn’t a cavity … yet. But this dentist is pretty gung-ho about catching pre-cavity soft areas and filling them. She also recommended that fancy Invisalign system, because my bottom teeth are crowded. The first step is apparently “expanding the jaw”, which just sounds terrifying. The next step is paying five thousand dollars, which is even MORE terrifying. I think I’ll pass for now. We may need to save that five grand for the cat.

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  1. Poor kitty! I feel for you. And I totally understand that they are your babies. I have the same issue and have spent enormous amounts of money on their health to the horror of some of my friends. But if you love something and you have made a commitment to take care of it, there it is.
    I hope it clears up.
    (Cool Kitty X-Ray, BTW).


  2. Not that you’ve asked for it nor have any positive impulses towards it, but I’ll be keeping you, Scott, and Commie in my prayers. Trouble seems like she’s just happy to be in your pics 🙂
    My daddy had to put his kitty down less than a year ago, and I know he still agonizes over that one – and he HAS kids! – so there may be “no comparison” but so what? you love them as much as you would your own babies, and that’s all that matters.
    Be well, all of you.


  3. Missy,

    My first two cats (pre kids) we had to give away when we moved from a house to an apartment. It was gut wrenching. Pets are part of the family period. There is emotional attachment. Ignore or marginalize anyone who tries to minimize it by comparing it to having kids especially when you don’t have kids of your own.

    I have always said that if there is reincarnation, I want to come back as one of my pets. They have it soooo rough. I don’t treat them like people, but they are always taken into consideration in everything we do.


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