Gluten-Free January

I’m taking part in Gluten-Free January, a little grassroots project that is actually something I’d been thinking about trying to put together myself. I wanted to challenge friends to try just one month gluten-free to see how much better they could feel. This makes it easy, since someone else has already set up the framework.

I eat mostly gluten-free already, because it turns out that gluten can be one of the main triggers for a Crohn’s disease flare. I do occasionally splurge, but when you’re not used to eating the stuff, a splurge tastes good at the eatin’, but doesn’t feel too good during the digestin’. So come tomorrow, I’ll be avoiding the stuff completely for a full month. In fact, I had some breaded chicken strips a couple of days ago, and … blargh.

This also means no beer. Although the Whole Foods has a couple of gluten-free beers, they’re pricey. Maybe I should just make 2011 a beer-free year as well.

Anyhoo, anyone else out there doing GFJ? A couple of my Seattle friends on the Facebook say they’re going to take part. If you’re a low-carber, this does mean that certain convenience items like low-carb tortillas and breads are off limits. But on the plus side, there are a ton of gluten-free products out there, some of which are not bad. And all pre-packaged products have to list wheat as an allergen if it’s included.

I have a number of gluten-free items in my low carb category of posts. And I just got some Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free baking flour; it’s only slightly less carby then regular wheat flour, but I don’t plan on using much at a time. It’s mainly to adjust the texture of stuff made with my old favorite, coconut flour.