Photoblog Phanatic

I do so enjoy it when pictures I take end up in photoblogs.

Yesterday, a picture I took in Costco a couple of years ago appeared out of the blue in Poorly Dressed People, part of the Cheezburger network. I didn’t submit this one; I was surprised to see it on my Google Reader feed, and was all, “Hey, that’s my picture!”

Today, one I submitted: An amazing parking job over on Bad Parking. Really, it’s impressive. The guy parked with precision.

And of course, there’s the classic fireman cake, which Scott blogged about at Basic Instructions, and found some internet fame after being reposted to Cake Wrecks.

Costco no longer has the fireman as an option for cake-based graphics. So we’ll never see that recipe again.

Technically, I’ve made Cake Wrecks twice — recently they posted a post full of watermelon cakes, one of which is mine. I got a picture of it at our old Albertson’s grocery store. I wonder if their cakes are why all of the Albertson’s stores in this town closed down.

I keep my camera phone at the ready on the rare occasions we go into Wal*Mart, but I’ve yet to see anyone in real life who’s freaky enough to appear in People of Wal*Mart. Now, if they had a People of Costco blog, I’d be submitting practically every week. (There is actually a photoblog at, but it was last updated in December of 2009.)