Photodump: More Feet Than You Expect

We’ve had a busy time lately in general. And as always, I take pictures of every damn thing.

This pop machine at work (I refuse to say soda, Florida!) is having issues. I don’t think the bottles inside can truly be considered “ice cold” anymore.

We went bowling with friends a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea that bowling shoes were getting so groovy! Scott’s were orange with flames. Mine were this fantastic lime green, one of my two favorite colors. The bowling balls were also an awesome variety of colors.

I scored over 100 in both games, and that’s good enough for me. The next day, I had aching muscles I didn’t even know existed.

Seen at the grocery store. I think Dr. Oz needs to try his own cure.

We’ve visited Gatorland a couple more times, and always go into the aviary. For a dollar, you get a popsicle stick with birdseed glued onto it. In the process of the birds attacking the stick, some of the birdseed falls on your feet. I can now say from experience that birds biting your toes is tickly.

Last but not least, our regional AAA magazine learned a lesson that we learned early on with the show Twisted Flicks: when using the captial-style L next to the I, a quick glance can make the word “flicks” look like another word altogether. A much more profane word.

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