Photodump: Skating, Disney, and Fontography


Wednesday mornings are frequently roller-skating mornings. Our local rink (in beautiful Kissimmee, FL) has an “adult day” session, which is mostly full of adorable seniors wearing velour skating outfits. Combine roller skating with new phones that have an action-shot-panorama mode on the camera, and you get this kind of tomfoolery. The panorama stitching isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for me.


The local rink recently changed ownership, and these banners went up for their skating school. I was perplexed by the weird off-center logo of S-shaped skaters. Check out the site if you want a glimpse into the past; it looks like it was designed years ago. Not a surprise, since the rink’s site is just as much of a throwback.


For you Disney fans, there’s a new show at Epcot. My coworker and I sauntered over on a break to check it out. It’s in the Italy pavilion, featuring “The Ziti Sisters”. The sisters represent aspects of Italian culture, from music to romance to art and history. A very cute show with audience participation (and very bold costumes).


Speaking of Disney, this ad showed up in an entry on my RSS reader. Is it me, or does it look like a maniacal Buzz Lightyear is chasing that poor kid?


Lastly, I was horrified to see that the Orange County Sherrif’s Office cars have a slogan in quotes … in comic sans. Clearly, the ways in which they’re “making a difference” don’t include using modern, classy fonts.

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  1. Perhaps the use of comics sans serif and quotation marks is because it is intended to be “ironic.”

    Also, where do I go to become educated as to which fonts are the cool ones? I like Goudy Old Style quite a bit. I’m guessing that means it is stodgy and passe?


    missy Reply:

    I think coolness is inversely proportional to how often, and in what capacity, fonts are used. Comic Sans suffers from being used for 80% of unfunny “funny” notes.

    I’d also list Times New Roman as stodgy, but only because it’s older than dirt. Now Goudy? Classy as hell!


  2. Ugh, I share your disdain for Comic Sans – it was the bane of my existence ever since HS yearbook…


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