Photodump: Skywriting, Business Cards, Furries

Can I say once again how much I love having a cameraphone? I only wish it were as good as Scott’s. His pictures come out with much better color balance, and his phone even has an anemic little flash. Who’s jealous? Me, that’s who.

First off, our local skywriter-for-god had a fantastic weather day the other day. Clearly not too breezy up there; some days, the first letter is blown into a smear before he’s done with the second. Also, he was kind enough to write his messages so that the viewer didn’t need to look directly into the sun to read them. You’d think this would be an obvious move, taught in Skywriting 101, but more often than not you have to squint into ol’ Sol in order to read what he’s writing.

A coworker and I had a small bicker about whether or not the skywriter himself/herself is the actual religious person, or whether it’s a rich religious person who has hired the skywriter. I vote for religious skywriter, myself. Although this picture was taken on a Sunday morning, which means if the skywriter is religious, he/she was skipping church. Hmm.

This business card, which I saw today, hits several of my design/grammar sweet spots. A hearty combination of serif and sans-serif fonts! The perilous Occasional Capitalization (because words like Butts are Very Important)! Missing hyphens galore (second-hand [or even secondhand], cancer-causing)! “Quotation marks” around “Electronic Cigarette”! And don’t forget, you can either Leave a Message, or call the other number and be yelled at by JAY (!!!!).

Lastly is one of the regular pin-traders here at Epcot. I don’t know if you know the hullabaloo about pin trading, but some adults take it very seriously. They come in and park themselves at these little cocktail tables with their ginormous binders full of pins, and hang out all day. I’ve seen this guy before, and was hoping he’d come back again. And he did! With his sparkly floor-length tail! Sadly, this time he wasn’t wearing his dogs-playing-poker cabana shirt.

People. Their variety just delights me.