Statistically Speaking

I have three sources of statistics for this blog. Two of them are provided by my hosting company: Webalizer (which is ugly as sin) and AWStats. The third source is Lijit, who provides the handy search box and my one experimental ad. (And let me just say, I really REALLY want that TiVo remote with QWERTY keyboard they’ve been showing a lot lately.)

They don’t all agree on specific numbers, which is perplexing. For example, this past Monday, November 15th, I got either 386 visitors, 285 visitors, or 478 visitors. The lowest number is from the ad provider, which may mean that they only showed ads to 285 of the people who came by. But 386 and 478 came from the two stats programs running at the same time on my host.

They do all seem to agree on what search terms lead people here. The most popular is “ipad sleeve pattern”, followed closely by “black bean brownies dr oz” and “roller skating movies”. An impressive mishmash, if I do say so myself.

I’m delighted that there are a number of searches for “gluten-free” and “coconut flour”. Also, quite a few people have found me because of “Suprep bowel prep”, and I hope with all of my heart that they read my description of it and demand a different product from their doctor. That stuff is awful.

Most of you are from the United States. But there are also hearty handfuls from Great Britain, Canada, Ukraine, and Australia, as well as a smattering from dozens of other places around the world. Ukraine? Fantastic! Ласкаво просимо to you all!

The weirdest thing, though, is that the ad provider thinks the most-used search term to find my site is “bad sportsmanship photos”. Does anyone out there know what that could be leading to? I don’t think I even have the term “bad sportsmanship” on this blog anywhere. Well … except that now I have it twice.

Anyhoo, welcome to you all, thanks for stopping by. And in the spirit of bad sportsmanship, I’ll leave you with some fluffy kitty toes.