Cat Update

So the cats are settling in to the new apartment really well. They’re such great cats.

The little deck is apparently fascinating as heck, but it’s been breezy here the last few days. So they’re anxious to go explore, but neither one likes being out in the wind. Hopefully we’ll have a still day soon, so they can really explore and enjoy all of the outdoor smells.

As for poor Commie, he’s doing pretty well. Still eating, drinking, purring, cuddling. His eye continues to look worse every day, and he had some bleeding a couple of days ago. But it doesn’t seem to be hurting him at all.

We had some couch-cuddling time earlier today, and he held still long enough for a picture:

I know, right? The front half is sealed shut and grown over, and kind of scab-encrusted. The back half is massively swollen and leaking some pus (the pus is something new today). We haven’t seen his actual eye for at least a week. What you can’t see from this front-on angle is the swelling all around, up on the brow ridge and below the eye.

So onward with the watching and the cuddling and the loving. The vet guessed “a few weeks”, and we’re at just about four weeks since that visit. Here’s hoping “a few” becomes at least “several”.