Goodbye, Cimzia!

The test results are in!

Small Bowel X-Ray: NORMAL
DEXA Bone Density Scan: NORMAL

This means that I have no active disease in my small intestines. Likewise, there’s no visible damage from any previous Crohn’s flares. My small bowel is in good shape. Also, I have no permanent bone damage from any of the medications I’ve taken. Hooray!

I also have the blessing of my new doctor to stop taking Cimzia, as long as I keep taking the other immunosuppressant, azathioprine. Which I’m totally cool with. It’s not going totally meds-free, but at least it’s backing down to just one medication (and one that’s worked well for me for years, with few issues).

No need for a follow-up visit at this time. As long as I stay in remission, I’ll have my blood tested every 6 months and call it good.

I couldn’t be happier about this! With any luck, my face will start to clear up in the near future as this crap makes it way out of my system. Although it looks like the scarring could take a year or more to fade. If I can go a few weeks without an acne explosion, I’ll try putting contact lenses in again. With luck, the skin and eye inflammations were hand-in-hand.

In other medical news, Scott’s healing up great. At the two-week point post-tonsillectomy, he still has a bit of a sore throat, but the stabbing horrible torture is done. We even went out for lunch yesterday so he could get some fish and chips, something he’d been jonesing for since the day after surgery. He’s back to work in a couple of days, and has already written some fresh comics.