Midnight Cat in the Garden of Good Eatin’

Well, for the love of pete.

Commie the cat is the kind of guy who’s very into people food. He’ll get up in your face and try to sample whatever it is you’re eating, no matter what it is. He’ll even try to get close and smell your breath if you’ve been eating. Trouble, however, doesn’t care one bit about the foods we eat.

Clearly, it’s because she’s more into the plants that grow the foods we eat.

I brought home and planted some houseplants the other day. Basil, banana peppers, and strawberries. Trouble found her way onto the kitchen counter and checked them out up close.

No amount of shooing, hissing, or physically removing her from the counter helped — she’d just hop back up when she thought we weren’t looking. She also started doing most of her dirty work at night while we slept. First, she went for the banana peppers in the little container. The next day, it was the banana peppers in the larger container. She didn’t eat the leaves; she nibbled just enough to separate the leaves from the stalks, then left everything sittng there. It was a slow decapitation process.

I figured when she was done with the banana peppers, she’d leave the rest alone.

Then, the strawberry leaves started showing up separated from their stalks. Over the course of a couple of days, she stripped that plant too. Except for the one sad green strawberry that came with the plant.

At least it appears she’s not interested in the basil at all. Which is the main reason I grow houseplants, because it’s my favorite fresh herb.

I guess I’ll dig out the pepper and strawberry plants and try a couple of other herbs. The internets tell me that cats don’t like things with a citrus or mint taste (Which is perplexing, since catnip is part of the mint family, isn’t it?), so I’ll have to see what there is at the store. Maybe some lemon thyme? Cats apparently don’t like rosemary, but I really don’t like it all that much either. But maybe I’ll throw some in there to keep her away from the whole planter. Any advice, those of you with edible plants and cats?

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news:

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  1. As an owner of 2 in-door cats, we finally broke down and grew Gimborn Cat Grass, basicly a Rye blend. (Find it at PetsMart) They could smell it as soon as it sprouted, Place the fresh pot on the floor and stand back. They loved that stuff.

    We pour the packet into clay pots that have potting soil as well. Growing it in the bag never worked well. You need a pot with some weight as they like to puts the grass up by the roots.


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