Pet Photography Made Easy

I’ve learned how to get Commie to hold his head still long enough to take a picture. Or at least, to get one or two good shots out of a dozen.

Hold the camera in one hand, twisted around at an awkward angle to keep a finger on the shutter. And use the other hand to shine a laser pointer on your own forehead.

(But don’t shine it in your eye. I think we can all agree, that’s bad.)

Here you can see that the eye is still a wee bit gunky in the corner (just a wee), and you can see the veiny-looking reddish-brown scarring on his cornea. The vets put some sort of stain on the cornea, to see if it was active infection (which there isn’t).

So it may clear up, or it may stay that way. Either way, he’s a pretty boy!