Draw Something on Good Morning America

I’m a huge fan of the game Draw Something, and have many matches going on. (I keep a little gallery over at Facebook of my favorite drawings.

(I also keep a gallery in my cube at work. It brings me joy.)

My Draw Something gallery at work

So last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy showed special guest Johnny Depp some drawings that people had made of him in the game.

This morning, one of my bosses was watching Good Morning America and saw one of my drawings on a segment THEY did, which talked about Kimmel’s show the night before. Mine wasn’t one of the ones shown to Depp, but GMA is still pretty darned cool.

SO, here’s the segment on GMA, and also a slideshow of the featured drawings on GMA’s Yahoo page. Mine is the first in the slideshow!

What a weird world we live in. And what a strange, localized fame — word passed around my office, and I was given many hearty congratulations.

My Draw Something picture of Jack Sparrow

(Also, if you play Draw Something, I believe you can add me by username [redacted]. I’ll play anyone, anytime!)

Good gravy, I have like 20 new games suddenly! I’ll be rolling in coins in no time! I don’t know if I can take any more right now, but I’ll put my name back up if/when this batch loses interest. 🙂

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  1. Looks like the artwork on Basic Instructions would be a lot better if you took the art duties away from your spouse 🙂

    missy Reply:

    Ha! Well, the whole original idea behind the Basic Instructions artwork was that it looked kind of like an airline safety card. So if you look at it that way, it’s perfect as-is.

  2. How awesome is that?! Very cool!

  3. So, you’re saying that BI is designed to be like something people will only read while voluntarily imprisoned and waiting for it to be time to eat. e.g. air travel, or office work. Yeah, now it makes sense.

    missy Reply:

    Well played, Dom. Well played.

    Dom De Vitto Reply:

    Got to say: I love BI, despite his life experiences being a mirror of mine in every way (just Sub’d BTW).

    Hey, just looked at the other tat your male-interim-partner touts, and I can already hear my wallet creaking open. Think an Infini-Tee for my first (& current) wife would be a perfect gift – and like all great gifts would be impossible to either resell, or pass on, and would make her feel compelled to use it at least once, Maybe with the words “My husband went out of his way to go to a cartoonist, and all I got was this lousey T-Shirt!”…..hmmmm.

    Hugs n stuff,
    PS. Nice picture of a cowboy above,
    PPS, Johnny Depp looked at moving to my town last year, if he does move I’ll get him to draw a picture of you and email it over.

  4. Those are freakin’ amazing. Do you use a stylus or is that all finger action…that didn’t come out right.
    Also, love, *LOVE* the Bob Ross.

    missy Reply:

    Stylus, on a tablet. I sometimes play on my phone (also with stylus), but you just can’t get much detail.

  5. Uh, JP, I don’t believe a public forum is an appropriate venue in which to ask a woman about “finger action.”

  6. did you draw that from memory, or did you have a picture? either way, awesome drawing!

    missy Reply:

    For that one, I did a Google image search, then cobbled together my own angle from all of those. I look up a reference picture maybe 5% of the time. (Bob Ross was actually from memory.)

  7. Robert Graves: “The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he really is very good, in spite of all the people who say he is very good.”
    I’m leaving this spam comment alone, because it’s actually an intriguing quote. If it is a real quote, that is. If not, this spammer is even better than I thought. ~M

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