Free Fonts for National Handwriting Day!

So you may know that I have a thing for making fonts. Several of which are yours for the taking, for free. Which means that I’m super-duper excited that YourFonts will create your very own handwriting font for FREE today and tomorrow, in honor of National Handwriting Day (January 23).

I’ve already created a couple, and coerced Scott to fill out his own template so I could process it.

new fonts for 2012

They make it pretty darned easy — download the template, fill out the letters with your favorite pen (I have a clicky Sharpie I’m quite fond of [and for the record, I originally wrote “quite font of”]), scan and upload, and enter the coupon code. Which is: CPN4NHD2012.

Now get on it, people! I want to see your scrawls!

(I’ll most likely update my fonts page with everything I create, after this next couple of days.)

Oh, and I’m still using my sharpest font (the one used in Basic Instructions) on my phone. Along with a new icon set I drew. Which is a craft I see that I’ve forgotten to post about. SOON!