New blog series: Ask a Font Creator

Ask a font creator: what's your process?

I’ve been invited by the folks at FontBundles to write a weekly blog, and they’re leaving the content pretty much up to me, as long as it’s somewhat related to fonts and/or design.

I’ve decided to call the series “Ask a Font Creator,” and I’ve been tackling questions or issues I see come up in the font community.

The first post answers a question that several people asked, which is, “What’s your process for creating fonts?” I’d done a post a while back on how to use three free pieces of software to create a font, but none of those three are things I use on a regular basis. So I wrote up how I go about creating a font from beginning to end, so you can see where I’m coming from. 😀

Read “Ask a Font Creator: What’s Your Process” over at FontBundles!

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