Busy Fun Font Times!

Boy howdy, have I been busy! Just … y’know, not here.

I’ve been blogging up a storm over at the Font Bundles blog. If you’re interested in design and fonts, here are some hot posts:

Manly Fonts for Dudes
Applying Distressed Text Effects to Your Fonts (in Photoshop)
Basic Color Theory
Let’s Take a Look at Some Logo Layouts and Font Choices (this one gets pretty snarky)
Deep Dive: Tracing and the Monogram It App

That’s just a selection of some of the vast numbers of words I’ve been churning out on the topic of fonts and font-related stuff.

I’ve also created a ton of new fonts since last we spoke! I’ll save you the individual lists, but here are some feature images:

Newish fonts

You can check ’em all out over at the MissyMeyer.com site! It’s where I put all portfolio-style stuff and things for sale. (And all of my freebies are over there as well!)

I’m also moving shop to a new Facebook business page — my old one was forever borked when I changed it over from Holiday Doodles to Missy Meyer, so I’m going to start fresh with one that’s purpose-built for my design, fonts, illustration, and other creative works. So go give that sucker a “like” if you’re so inclined!