I keep making fonts, and doing other stuff.

Once again, I’m back to this blog after a long stretch. I’ve been mostly busy with font-making; I’m getting close to having 50 premium fonts for sale. (47 right now, so I might make the 50-font mark before the year ends!)

I’ve put a few promo images from four of my most recent up above in the picture. As always, you can check out all of my fonts over at my portfolio site. (I’ve added in a couple of new freebies since last I blogged, as well, so don’t miss the Free Fonts page!)

What else what else? Well, back in July, I took the Jeopardy! online test again. (We traveled up to Seattle so I could take the test; there was no audition city really nearby, so we figured we’d go visit friends and old favorite restaurants since it’s been 10 years since we moved away.) We got to meet up with some of the folks at Scott’s publisher, 47North, and also got to tour some of the Amazon campus.

I have several blog posts written and ready to go about it, but: I made it onto Jeopardy! Tune in Wednesday, November 29 if you want to see me dork my way through a game show. Will I faint? Swear? Throw up on Alex? (Spoiler alert: I did none of those things.)

Besides that huge news item, really nothing much exciting is going on. Making fonts, doing some hand-lettering work (you can also check that out at my portfolio site, if it floats your boat); generally growing my design business. I’ve also been revamping some of the old Holiday Doodles — if I have doodles where all of the holidays are always on a fixed day (say, November 7th) instead of a floating day (say, the first Tuesday of November), I’m sizing them up larger, cleaning them up a little, and posting them as doodles that can be used and enjoyed every year.

So! More to come on the Jeopardy! front when things get closer. Otherwise, keep on keeping on, friends!