Top 7: Pink Floyd Songs

Top 7. Because 5 is never enough, but I’m too lazy for 10. I’ve covered my favorite band, Duran Duran, already. (And I just bought their new album All You Need Is Now over at Amazon so I don’t have to give any money to the devil iTunes.) So now we move on to my second favorite band, Pink Floyd. That’s right, Pink Floyd. Because I was raised on a hearty musical diet of ’70s wuss-rock, adult alternative, and psychedelic concept albums. I’ve seen them (and various versions of them). . . Read More!

Top 7: Duran Duran Songs

Yes, top 7. Because 5 is never enough, but I’m too lazy for 10. What better way to launch a new category — my personal top 7 lists — than with the songs from my favorite band, Duran Duran. They’re still as fantastic to me now as they were 28 years ago. I have to make some tough choices, since their discography includes 14 albums, as well as numerous B-sides, demos, and other rare songs that didn’t make it onto an LP. My MP3 collection, which is incomplete (but has. . . Read More!

A Bouncing Baby Ukulele

I got a new musical instrument last week. It’s like a couple of musical instruments I already have, but it’s SO SO different. My new baby is the center instrument — a Kala Makala concert ukulele. “Concert” is a size — the next size up from soprano, which is the smallest of the ukes. The right-hand ukulele is a soprano, my old cheap Johnson (my, that sounds a little dirty). I felt ready to move up to something that sounds better and is a little higher quality. Mind you, this. . . Read More!

Lady Music

I’m in the middle of reading the February 26th issue of Entertainment Weekly, which was delivered to my home earlier this week. I don’t understand why it was delivered, since the label on the front clearly states my EW subscription expiration month as JAN10, but if they want to keep sending me free magazines, I’ll keep on reading them. There’s an article in this issue about Lady Antebellum. The article taught me that Lady Antebellum is actually a group of three people, not one single person. My confusion stems from. . . Read More!

Greetings from Skullcrusher Mountain

Last night, we attended the Jonathan Coulton concert. This was his first time playing in Florida, and I think he’ll be back. The crowd was awesome (and what a fascinating, geek-tee-shirt wearing, bearded demographic he has), even though at this particular club (The Social) there’s no seating, so we stood for ~4 hours. This morning my back hurts, but my head is happy. My friend Sarah took a picture of me and Scott with JoCo; she was the only one with a working camera with a flash (and it was. . . Read More!

Internet Radio Experiment, Part 5: finetune

It’s getting harder and harder to find new internet music services. Sure, there are some like Live365 and Shoutcast and Accuradio that are pre-programmed stations, but I’m after stations where I can hear exactly what I want to hear. The latest system I’ve tried is finetune (they seem to not want the name capitalized, so I’ll follow suit). They seem to be completely free, with no alternate paid option to get ad-free or feature-rich service. As with so many players, you start with a single artist and go from there.. . . Read More!

Ticket Purchase: HUGE SUCCESS

My excitement levels are rising every day, for something that’s not happening for over two months. Forget Thanksgiving, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing Day, or even New Year’s Eve. What I’m looking forward to is January 14th, when Jonathan Coulton plays his first concert in Orlando. You Seattleites have it so good. JoCo plays there practically every couple of months. It’s about time you shared the love! This concert will also most likely be our first big trip to downtown Orlando. We’ve driven past downtown a couple of times, and. . . Read More!

Internet Radio Experiment, Part 4: Grooveshark (& Rhapsody)

First off, I’m going to send Rhapsody to the garbage pile immediately. They only allow 25 song plays per month; if you want more, you have to pay $12.99 per month. This week, I’ve been testing the Grooveshark service. As with most internet music sites, there’s a paid version that goes for $3/month or $30/year. But I’m just using the free version, because I’m a cheapskate. As far as making playlists and listening to specific songs anytime I want to, Grooveshark is the new winner. It’s almost more like a. . . Read More!

Internet Radio Experiment, Part 3: Jango

The latest internet radio station I tried was Jango. The Jango experiment didn’t last a week like the other ones; it only lasted one day. Jango was just that terrible. Their main page has quotes from sources like USA Today and Wired Magazine, which make it sound like a decent system. There seems to be an emphasis on the “social” aspects of their system — you’re supposed to add your friends, and let their musical tastes influence what you listen to. Hey Jango — have you heard some of the. . . Read More!

Internet Radio Experiment, Part 2: Slacker

This week, I’ve been trying out another web-based free internet radio system, Slacker. Slacker, just like most other free services, also offers a paid system with more features. But I’m cheap, so I’m just trying out the free radio. To start out, Slacker has you type in the name of an artist or group. As usual, I started my radio station with Duran Duran. You can then go through a list of “similar artists” and click a little heart icon next to the ones you’d like to hear. You can. . . Read More!