WBCOOP already?!

I’ve played in this blogger tournament at Poker Stars for the last four years. Never made “the money”, but it’s always a good quality group of players. It may not surprise you that I go by “themissy” at Poker Stars, so if anyone out there is playing, you may see me there. They require players to post the following widget: I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP. . . Read More!

Cherries & Casino

I got the 2-pound container of Rainier cherries at Costco last week. They’re good, but they’re not as good as whatever brand Safeway has these days. But even the worst Rainier cherry is way better than a bing. We had a staff meeting at the casino today, and got some big news. Though they first prefaced it with small news, mainly that we’re going to have contractors coming around shortly to put in bids to paint the walls and replace the carpet. Which is good. But then the big news. . . Read More!

Casino Deeeealer

So yesterday, I became a totally official casino dealer. I even have an ID badge with my picture on it. I did a 10-hour shift, which was a LOT. Here in Washington, casinos can be open for 20 hours a day, so most of them have two 10-hour shifts, and full-timers work 4 days a week. But I won’t necessarily be working 10s in the future — a lot of times, people want to leave early, or split a shift in half, so I should get plenty of much easier. . . Read More!

Quel Week!

Last week. Whew! I was in both Reality World shows over the weekend — and won the one I was competing in. Last season, I went 5 straight final-twos without winning, but then finally won the last show of the run. Looks like my luck has finally turned. I hosted one, and while it took me a little bit to get into the groove, I really felt on my game. It was awesome. Scott fiddled with our old PS2, and finally got it to recognize controllers in both ports (when. . . Read More!

Anonymity ROCKS!

So I was playing some online poker this morning over at Poker Stars. I decided to pop in at a play money table, and doubled my money in the first ten minutes or so. Then, a charming player by name of “MoneyIsGAY” came into the room, sat down, and put forth the following chat: MoneyIsGAY: MISSY U STUPID **** MoneyIsGAY: GET THE **** OUT MoneyIsGAY: PIECE OF **** SWEAR FILTER (please note, swear words are automatically replaced with the appropriate number of asterisks. So I’m guessing I’m a stupid something-harsher-than-bitch-which-is-four-letters-long.). . . Read More!

A Tale of Some Poker

All rightie. So last night Scott and I went up to the Swinomish Casino (located near Anacortes, a little over an hour north of Seattle). Scott was doing his comedy thang, and just like last time he performed there, I accompanied to take part in the 7pm Hold’em tournament ($10 buy in, no rebuys). This time, since we knew from previous experience that the tourney takes less than two hours to complete, Scott played too. So then, for your enjoyment… We decided to head out early and have dinner on. . . Read More!

The Little Things

I’m glad to see that the grocery stores have pumpkins. Soon it’ll be time to scoop out the gooey guts and roast the seeds. I really miss Tim’s Cascade Coney Island potato chips. Even though they’re not low-carb, I’d buy some if I ever found them. But I don’t think they make them anymore. They were the most awesome flavor — really mustardy, with just a hint of hot dog and grill char. Sounds gross, probably. But oh so delicious. I also miss Canada Dry’s lemon ginger ale. They used. . . Read More!