Photodump: Skywriting, Business Cards, Furries

Can I say once again how much I love having a cameraphone? I only wish it were as good as Scott’s. His pictures come out with much better color balance, and his phone even has an anemic little flash. Who’s jealous? Me, that’s who. First off, our local skywriter-for-god had a fantastic weather day the other day. Clearly not too breezy up there; some days, the first letter is blown into a smear before he’s done with the second. Also, he was kind enough to write his messages so that. . . Read More!

Unloading the Phone Camera

Every now and then, I realize that I have a load of vaguely-interesting snappies on the ol’ phone. So here’s a bit meaty wad of them. Lots of construction walls are up in the Magic Kingdom, and instead of just telling us something like “This area is being refurbished for your enjoyment”, they have signs on them with inspirational quotes. The grammar on this one perplexes me. I think the period after the first word should actually be a comma, to make this one complete sentence. Either that, or an. . . Read More!

From the Photo Archives

Here are a couple of pictures taken from my various travels that I haven’t posted yet. Is anybody else horrified by the Sherwin-Williams logo? They want to “Cover the Earth” with paint! How environmentally-friendly is that? Every person, animal, and object would end up like that chick at the beginning of Goldfinger (and according to my other half, in the original book of Goldfinger, the whole painted-chick thing [along with most of the other good action stuff] doesn’t happen). We saw these playing cards at a Pier 1 store right. . . Read More!

Friday Round-Up

It’s Friday, which is technically my Monday. We had a busy weekend. We looked at apartments, since our current lease is up in a couple of months, and they want us to either give 60 days’ notice or sign up for another year. The only place we liked was a brand new complex called The District. Spacious 1-bedrooms, with the very-rare option of wood or stained-concrete floors (as a cat owner, I hate-hate-hate carpet). Sadly, the prices were only tolerable because of a special deal — 3 months free on. . . Read More!


I just pulled a bunch of pictures off my cell phone. Here’s what I’ve taken snappies of this week: On this week’s Dancing with the Stars results show, Susan Boyle sang “I Dreamed a Dream”. What was especially strange was this shot, where her giant head loomed over the two dancers. It reminded me distinctly of one of Scott’s favorite YouTube videos, Telly Savalas doing a spoken-word rendition of Bread’s “If”. Scott loves that video so much, he did a comic strip mocking it. The whole thing has become terribly. . . Read More!

Rules of Conduct at the Rink

Seen at my local roller skating rink, where I get my roll on every week: The list goes on, it’s about 20 items long. But the second item really caught my eye — seems to me that if I’m skating in a “wreckless” manner, that’s a GOOD thing. Wreckless skaters don’t skate in a reckless manner, that’s for sure. Read More!

Either way, it's weird.

  This could be read two ways. The company could be called “JUS BLAZE,” with the crafty use of a dollar sign in place of the letter S. Granted, that doesn’t make any sense as far as grammar or spelling or anything.  Or, it could just have an artsy dollar sign to separate the words “JU BLAZE.”  I really, really hope it’s the first one. Read More!